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Whitehouse v. BDO Canada LLP


The Statement of Claim was filed on July 20, 2017. BDO Canada LLP delivered a Notice of Intent to Defend on November 29, 2017.

We delivered materials for a certification motion on June 15, 2018. We expect that the defendant will deliver responding materials in April 2019 with the certification motion likely to be heard in the summer of 2019.

We are currently in the process of attempting to schedule an early stage mediation and expect that it will take place in March 2019. The mediation process is confidential. However, if it results in a settlement, we will notify the class as soon as we can reasonably do so.


Crystal Wealth investors with questions about the class action may contact Nathaniel Read-Ellis at 416 351 2789 or nreadellis@AGBLLP.com, or Simon Bieber at 416 351 2781 or sbieber@AGBLLP.com.